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Teacher Resources » Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Resources


General Social Studies Sites                                    
Black American History                                             
  • Black History  From Scholastic 
  • Black History:Exploring African-American Issues on the Web This site is a good place for anyone studying African American events and issues. To test your knowledge, try the Interactive Treasure Hunt and Quiz. Two webquests, Little Rock 9 and the Tuskegee Tragedy, force students to think critically about these historic events and the deeper issues that triggered them.
  • Five Ways to Celebrate Dr. King's Birthday with Kids
    Martin Luther King Jr./Civil Rights Leader
    (Nick News) This lesson focuses on the life and times of MLK. Students see how he worked to change the unjust laws. See how young people have taken up his cause.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Teaches Many Lessons This site provides over 20 cross-curricular and cross-grade lessons that teachers can use to share King's life and legacy with students.
  • The King Center Established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King as a living memorial dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the work of her husband. A wide range of resources can be found here, including King related news, historical information and more.
  • Underground Railroad  This site is dedicated to slaves' flight to freedom. This site contains timelines, images, artifacts, first person accounts, reports, a reference section and a discussion board-all dealing with slavery, the Underground Railroad, and race relations.
  • About.Geography You'll find links to cartography, climate, time zones, and more. Great resource for teachers and students of all ages.
  • Antarctic Online Live web cams of various work stations on the continent, along with live shots and information on the current weather conditions.
  • Boundaries of the United States This animation lets you watch the United States grow, state by state.
  • Geo Teacher's Geography Classroom Different sections designed for teachers, students, and their parents. Cultural geography sites for just about every country.
  • GeoBee Challenge Online Five new quiz questions are posted everyday.
  • Geography From Enchanted Learning
  • Geography World Features a large collection of resources and links for teachers and students of all levels. It covers topics such as erosion, ecosystems, populations, and conservation.
  • GeoNet Game  From Houghton Mifflin
  • How Far is It? Type in a departure location and a destination to find the distance between them.
  • National Geographic's "Xpeditions" This site boasts interactive maps, tours and activities, as well as U.S. Geography teaching standards.
  • Owl & Mouse Software Interactive U.S. and World Geography maps to download as well as printable materials for classroom use. Free resources for teachers and parents.
  • Puzzles of the Earth An interactive site that has lots of information including lessons on plate tectonics, geographic features, the Earth's structure, and more.
  • Quia Geography
United States                                                                
  • 50 States This online database is a great starting point for finding basic information about each state.
  • Interactive Tour of Ellis Island  From Scholastic.
  • PBS: American Field Guide Tour the American countryside and explore ecosystems, art, history, public policy, and more. Over 1200 video clips along with transcripts take visitors on adventures around the country.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Here you can find state and country facts. 
World Cultures                                                            
  • Africa This PBS site is great for students of all levels to learn about Africa. This page has lots of insightful ideas for teachers as well.  Students can enjoy playing "Africa Challenge".
  • China Today  Learn about the world's most populous nation and its fascinating and ancient culture.  This English-language site explores the culture, politics, and geography of China.
  • CIA World Factbook  One of the most comprehensive on-line geography sources.  Extensive information on every country and territory in the world--from A to Z.
  • Country Studies  From the Library of Congress. 
  • Country Watch  An absolute must for any teacher of current events, politics, social studies, and economics. 
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures Take a look at a number of great civilizations of old, including Egypt, Rome, and the Islamic world. It also has timelines, texts, and historical information
  • Flags of All Countries
  • Forum Romanum Take a look at the complete Roman History. It has a virtual tour of the city, a historical index, biographies, mythology, and more.
  • Global Trek From Scholastic
  • Habitat for Humanity International
  • Index of Native American Resources Find out about the culture, history, art, and more of Native American Indians.
  • Kids Web Japan Introduce kids to Japanese history, culture, religion, geography, government, and more.
  • Let's Go Around the World Very informative global exploration site. Take online adventures to the Amazon Rainforest, Africa, and the Canadian Artic. Includes teacher resources.
  • Peace Corps Kids World Explore the world and learn about volunteers who make a difference.
  • United Nations Cyber School Bus Information on current global issues, lesson plans, teaching modules, classroom activities, and more. Students can play "Flag Tag" and take a virtual tour of the UN, plus more.

Languages (The main focus here is French)     

  • Fast and Friendly French for Fun With vibrant graphic and clear instructions, this website offers the beginning French student a chance to study the basics of French. This site offers grammar lessons as well as audio clips of a French teacher pronouncing the alphabet and numbers in French.
  • French as a Second Language  Scroll down to view the choices.
  • French Opposites Located in the 1st grade list of games. Drag & drop from each box to its opposite. Clicking works as well as drag & drop on this one. Words such as "happy/sad", night/day" and "fast/slow" are used.
  • Lessons, Tips, and Resources for Beginning French Students Written for anyone with little or no French knowledge. Follow the links in the table.
  • Little Explorers Picture Dictionary English-French and French-English dictionaries. Check out the FRENCH THEME PAGE for many booklets and printouts.
  • Premier Pas Sur Internet A wealth of games, stories, poems, art pages and opportunities for expression for expression for anyone who is interested in French.
  • TravLang Allows users to take advantage of multi-language translations and pronunciations.