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Welcome to Ms. Mindy's third grade class! Please see the attached supply list for third grade materials needed. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me.  My planning period is 12:45 – 1:35.  If this time is a problem, we can also meet before school.  Signed test papers and a weekly test schedule go home with students every Monday. If you would like to gain access to student resources or websites that might benefit you, please click on links to the right of this page.



Mindy Thibodeaux



Recent Posts

Field Trip

Next Friday on the 12th, the third graders will be going on a field trip to the St. Landry Parish Landfill and then to the Recycling Center in Opelousas. The field trip is free to students. 
The third graders have been learning about natural resources and recycling in both Social Studies and Science class. This trip will allow them to see first hand what happens when resources are both, disposed of, and recycled. It will give them insight which items they can or cannot recycle. We are all looking forward to the experience =)

Congratulations to Caden Doucet for winning first place in the funniest category for the pumpkin contest! To see the rest of the students who are in Ms. Mindy's class that participated in the pumpkin contest click on photo album to the right, then click on pumpkin contest photos.
I am so proud of each and every one of my students! Each nine weeks, the third grade teacher have a little competition to see which class can earn the most AR points. The winning class gets a panther paw to place outside of their classroom. Ms. Mindy's class won for the first nine weeks and received our paw! Each student worked very hard to attain this and I could not be more proud! This shows that the students are not only reading,  but comprehending and passing AR test! To congratulate them, we had an ice cream and movie party. Please continue to encourage your child to keep reading and taking AR test! 

Monthly Behavior Calendar

Each month I will send home a behavior calendar with each student. Any demerits or behavior concerns will be marked on the day it was received. Please sign or initial daily. If a student's calendar does not have a parent's signature for two consecutive days, they will receive a demerit for being unprepared for class. If a student receives 7 demerits in one month, he or she will receive detention. This will help teach your child responsibility and will also keep a constant line of communication between us. Thanks for you cooperation!

Weekly Reading Fluency Log

           Each week, students will have a passage to read every night (Monday-Thursday). The students will get a new passage every Monday and are expected to read the passage to an adult each night. They will have a student and parent passage. The parent passage will have numbers along the side for easy counting. The numbers on the side of each line tells the amount of words. There will be a tracking progress on the bottom of the parent page to keep track of words that the student read correct and incorrect. You are to time your child for one minute. Each time your child misses or skips a word, put a line threw it. When the minute is up, tell your child to stop reading. Mark where he or she stopped. Note how many words he read all together by using the numbers on the side of each line. Subtract the words missed in order to get the words read correctly and mark results on progress tracking at bottom of page. 
           Please do this every night and initial next to progress. On Friday, the students will have comprehension questions to answer about the story. If the box is not initialed or totaled, I will have to assume the student did not read the passage, and points will be taken off of their homework grade.
           Reading every night will help your child's fluency. Fluency is important because it provides a bridge between word recognition and comprehension. Because fluent readers do not have to concentrate on decoding words, they can focus their attention on what the text means. They can make connections among the ideas in the text and their background knowledge. In other words, fluent readers recognize words and comprehend at the same time. Less fluent readers, however, must focus their attention on figuring out the words, leaving them little attention for understanding the meaning of text.
            Thank you for helping me to help your child become a better reader. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.