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Dress Code

Grand Prairie Elementary Dress Code


**The principal will make the final decision on what is/is not appropriate in regards to the uniform policy/dress code.

  1. Uniform shirts -Navy or White collared polo
  2. Uniform bottoms -Navy or Dark Khaki (NO cargo pockets, hip-huggers, bell bottoms or denim)
  3. Brown or Black belt required
  4. Socks must be worn and visible at the ankle (white, navy, black, grey, or brown)
  5. Closed shoes -preferable tennis shoes (NO cowboy boots, ballet flats, flip-flops, sandals, crocs, or shoes with wheels). Students can wear Sperry boat shoes to school, but the shoes are NOT permissible for PE.
  6. Students are not allowed to wear artificial nails or make-up to school.
  7. Designs in the hair are not permitted.
  8. Girls may wear one pair of earrings -NO hoops or dangling earrings. NO OTHER BODY PIERCINGS ARE ALLOWED.
  9. Hair must be neat and well groomed.
  10. Do-rags and head wraps are not allowed.
  11. Spiked hair, including Mohawks, and unnatural hair color for both male and female is not allowed.
  12. Hair on males, no matter the style, that is longer than the bottom of the earlobes on the side, below the eyebrows in the front, and longer than the top of the collar in the back are not allowed.
  13. Ornamentation (ribbons, bows, beads, rubber bands, etc.) and hair restraints are not allowed for males.

The principal, not uniform vendors shall address any questions about the dress code. Although it is impossible to anticipate all problems, distracting "fads" which disrupt the spirit, education, philosophy, or dignity of St. Landry Parish School System will be unacceptable.


First Offense: The student shall be issued a demerit and the parent contacted to bring the correct uniform or pick up the child until he or she is in compliance. Further disciplinary actions will result from future violations.


***The dress code policy in its entirety can be found in the St. Landry Parish Policy section of this handbook.


  1. All parish students and incoming Pre-K students shall comply with the dress code on the first day of school.
  2. Any student transferring from another parish shall be given ten (10) school days to purchase uniforms and comply with the uniform policy.