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Math Resources

Math Resources

Illuminations By NCTM - Gateway to standards-based mathematics education. 
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
SCIMAST  Southwest Consortium for the improvement of mathematics and science teaching.


General Math Sites 

  • AIMS Puzzle Corner Have students engage in doing mathematics just for the fun of it!
  • Close to 100  From TERC's Hands On! This game places emphasis on mathematical thinking, reasoning, and mental computation.
  • Cool Math 4 Kids This site addresses many of the NCTM standards: Number facts and computation, identifying geometric shapes, and problem-solving.
  • Data Place  Hosts cross-curricular, collaborative projects for grades 3-6. Students from all over the world collect and work with real data and Data Place generates easy-to-read charts.  
  • Elementary Math Problem of the Week Hosted by the Math Forum Project of Swathmore College.
  • i-math Online, interactive multimedia math investigations. A great place to explore math concepts. Some video clips included.
  • Interactive Math  Money, time, pattern blocks, base 10, fractions bars and more.
  •  from the creators of FunBrain.  This site features 25 interactive online games that build skills in the areas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and problem-solving. 
  • A wide range of mathematical tools: test prep, study tips, puzzles, games, and one-minute interactive drills.
  • Math Cats Filled with creative, open-ended math explorations: Architecture Blocks, Math Story Problems, Cat Tails and other activities.
  • Math Goodies Interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, forums, and more
  • Math Hunt  Resources for children and teachers that integrate math into science and social studies.
  • Math in Daily Life  A complete math unit from Annenberg CPB.
  • Math Stories  This site is excellent for developing and enhancing problem skills that reflect analytical and critical thinking through chart reading and multi-step problem-solving questions. Grades 1-8
  • Mathematics Archives This site covers a wide range of different topics in mathematics, software, and teaching materials
  • Mathlets  A collection of multigrade online math modeling tools, part of the Illuminations website.
  • Practice multiplication facts here!
  • For grades PreK-3 and an added advanced section for acceleration.
  • Using Art to Teach Math Using mosaics, paintings, and sculpture, students will learn to add, subtract, measure, divide, estimate, figure proportion and symmetry ... presents real-world math to students.
  • Welcome to the World of Aunty Math  A fun site comprised of all sorts of online math challenges for K-5 students.



  • The Geometry Center This is a gallery of the Interactive Geometry University of Minnesota Science and Technology Center.
  • Pattern Block Java Applet  Explore patterning, shapes, symmetry, design, and fractions with these virtual manipulatives.
  • Math Maven Mysteries  Integrates math and reading! You may want to have your students work in teams.
  • Math Stories This site is excellent for developing and enhancing problem skills that reflect analytical and critical thinking through chart reading and multi-step problem-solving questions. The math problems are thematic in nature and interesting to students at the elementary level.
  • Math Word Problems for Children Designed to help elementary and middle school children improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The site has over 6700 interactive and non-interactive word problems!
  • PBS Math Problem Solving & Reasoning  34 Resources for the K-2 crowd.  
  • Reading Comprehension through Math Problem Solving  A complete lesson plan with strategies for implementation.