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Science Resources

Science Resources

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Harcourt Science  

General Sites                          

  • Parts Geek - Understanding Motors - How to make a simple motor at home. (Link provided by an enthusiastic student from Pennsylvania)
  • Black Hole Gang Web Site  Created by a teacher and author Stephen Kramer, this site introduces four kids and a dog named Newton who are crazy about science, and points kids and their teachers to some of the best kid-friendly science on the web.
  • Cool Science for Curious Kids This site features activities adapted from science and children's museums.
  • DragonFly TV From PBS. A great site for young kids. Learn how to conduct science investigations, discuss your findings and share your results via the scrapbook. This site provides lots of fun and challenging science experiments and also lets you submit your own.
  • Lawrence Hall of Science Play online science games, download activities to do at home, and more cool stuff.
  • Magic School Bus Page Find out what Ms. Frizzle and her class are up to now.
  • Region V Science Fair A wealth of resources available for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Science Fair Links Many links here! (Check the "Student Resources" page for more science fair sites).
  • Science Fair Project Resource Guide An excellent resource from the Internet Public Library that links kids to all sorts of exceptional resources for their projects.
  • Science Learning Network This site has links to other resources, articles, and exhibits.
  • Science NetLinks From the American Association for the Advancement of Science A comprehensive "homepage" for K-12 science educators.
  • Score Science - Kids Corner Interactive science for kids
  • The Why Files Check out the science behind the news by using current science occurrences. The site is broken down into grades and science standards.


Life Science                                 

  • All About Bats - Print out bat anatomy pages, learn about bat habitats and feeding habits.
  • Animals of the World - Many activities geared for elementary students.
  • Estuary Field Trip 
  • Froguts Virtual dissection without the blood! Warning - images of real specimens are used, so this site may not be appropriate for young children.
  • Great Plant Escape Help Detective Le Plant and his partners, Bud and Sprout, unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.
  • The Great Plant Escape Students can go on a fun, interdisciplinary adventure in botany. Designed for grades 4 and 5.
  • National Rainforest Week: Prek-4 Lesson: Rainforests are one of the world's largest natural resources. This site seeks to educate people of every age about the importance of the rainforests. Links are provided for older students.
Earth & Space                           


Physical Science                       

  • CLN Theme Page: Electricity  Community Learning Network has outstanding theme page resources.
  • Energy Quest - Energy Education  Energy-related educational materials for students, teachers, parents.  Games, puzzles, science project experiments, and more
  • Instructional Materials in Physics  Theme Pages are a mix of links providing curricular content with web sites that offer instructional resources.
  • Simple Machines This site houses a collection of over seventy photographs of common, everyday simple machines.
  • Sound Theme Page  Many resources for the K-12 student and teacher including tutorials, lesson plans, teaching units, demonstrations, and student activities.





  • Eco Kids Online Discover cool things about science and nature, wildlife, environmental issues and more through games and activities.
  • Environmental Education for Kids! (EEK!) Lots of information and ideas about the earth, animals, and other neat stuff including what kinds of jobs are available for people interested in the environment.
  • The Green Squad Maintained by the Natural Resources Defense Council, this site helps kids to understand environmental and health issues as they relate to their schools.
  • Kids Do Ecology Use this site to study marine ecology and basic science with activities, projects, data, and graphing lessons.
  • LACoast Find information on the Louisiana Coastal Wetlands and the serious plight of the "Fragile Fringe"
  • National Wildlife Federation The Kids Page features articles from Ranger Rick, the environmental magazine for children, a homework help section, and briefings on issues such as the wetlands, endangered animals, water quality and more.
  • Planet Pals This resource teaches about the planet earth, natural resources, ecology and its care. Also, free recycling kits are offered.
  • Virtual Field Trips  Each nature field trip covers a single topic such as salt marshes or volcanoes.  Sites are arranged in sequential order with several "stops" and teacher's guides.